Nights to Remember

I’ve been sick the last week, and disconnected. Thankfully I married a man who knows how to run a house and take care of the kids so I can rest. And rest I did all weekend. I let him do all the tucking in several nights and just gave the babes a kiss goodnight. It was hard doing that but I needed it. My body needed it. My precious little guy would hug me and check on me everytime he came upstairs over the weekend, but I’ve not had good quality time with my kids since being sick. Last night and the night before that all changed in an amazing way!

While still a little fuzzy in the head Monday night, I enjoyed watching our eldest son (13) dance to Michael Jackson.  What?! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and hearing! He came alive and we proceeded to engulf ourselves in 80’s tunes for the next hour. It’s a total bonding thing, our love of music. God opened my eyes yet again to a way into his world.

Last night it worked out that I was able to spend time alone with each of our two youngest kids.  My little guy had just been missing his Mama, ( I love when they call me Mama), so I decided while my girl was preoccupied elsewhere, I would cuddle and giggle and tickle with him. We had a wonderful time tucking in with lots of hugs and kisses and saying prayers, and I got to sing him to sleep, even with my still scratchy throat. I told him ” only one song” because my throat still hurt a little. But after watching his eyes grow heavy, song after “Jesus” song poured out of my heart onto my lips. I worshiped as his quiet body cozily slept before me.

Next, my girl knew it was her “Mama time” and had our board game of Sorry all ready to play. Oh did we have fun chasing our green and yellow pieces around the board til she finally brought her last yellow man home! After that we talked. And then I kept rhyming everything I said, and we laughed until we made no sound at all.  Only our eyes squinted shut and our chests were bobbing up and down. It was so fun!  She’s getting so big! Sometimes from one day to the next I see huge differences, changes in her mannerisms from that of a little girl, my baby girl, to a big girl. A  young girl whose intelligence, talent, wit, and beauty amaze me, and call me to a place of such gratitude to be her Mama.

It was such a precious time that God gave me these last two nights with our children. That even in feeling only half human He gave me the strength to reconnect with each of my children individually. He strengthened my body enough for each of them to have all of me, so I could sing, be silly, and play. I don’t ever remember it being that good when I was feeling at my best. No. It was different. It was God. They were two nights that I may never be able to duplicate. They were nights I will look back on with such fondness yet such amazement of what God did for us. They were nights to remember.

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