Why Don’t I…?

Why don’t I live like I believe my God will do what he says? Why don’t I trust? Why don’t I live in victory instead of defeat? Why don’t I live believing ONLY HIS love will be enough for me? Why don’t I live as a child of the King, a woman who knows without a doubt who her source is?

The reasons are endless if I really search them to their core. But really I’ve been searching reasons all my life, trying to get to the bottom, and when I get the answers I don’t like I don’t want to change the way I live or believe. I keep expecting my circumstances to change instead.

It’s time! It’s time to start believing my believable God. It is time to start living victoriously! It is time to believe and experience the greatest love ever known! It is time to believe I am not only His child but the object and desire of His sweet affections! That He WILL come through. That He IS enough!

It is absolutely time!

One thought on “Why Don’t I…?

  1. I’m wide awake while I should be sleeping and I just couldn’t seem to turn off the endless list of things to contemplate, worry about and question where God is in my situation. I’ve now read through a good number of your posts, this one is by far exactly what I needed to hear. He’s RIGHT here!

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