A Morning In HIS Arms

Mornings spent like this with my Savior are invaluable to me. I drove to the trail head and walked to a hill’s peak giving me just enough vantage view of the city. Winding up the trail I thank God for the energy to do this today. Some days the energy never comes and breaking even a small sweat is a distant dream.

I am perched up on a rock and facing northwest, while the morning sun warms my back. The cars from the freeway below hum, and not 50 yards from me the power lines buzz, but in most moments I don’t notice. I am sitting in His peace, His presence. His love washes over me again and again, reminding me He knows all about me, and all that my heart feels. He holds me and with a gentle strength in His arms, like no other, He assures me that I’ll never be alone.

The ever so slightly cool breeze comes not often enough but I know there’s a slight hint of autumn in the air. I could sit here for hours, but much waits for me today. Some things are mundane, some are people who need me at my best. So I’ll go…unwillingly at first. Soon though, as I begin my routine I know He will be there, with every chore, every load of laundry, and lesson plan. ¬†With every laugh from my children’s lips I’ll know He is there.

Thank you my Sweet Savior for holding me in Your arms and for never letting me go.

“You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:13


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