My Favorite Place on Earth

The cool wind whips through greyish-green shrubs as birds whistle their song in the distance. Far down in the meadow, cattle graze on sweet green grass, calling out their happiness with an occasional “moo”. Flies and bees buzz around my ears as wispy grey clouds float above me in the bluest of skies. The fragrant wild weeds with pink blossoms grace my senses, taking me deeper into this heaven on earth.
My heart is at home here. A precious refuge I have come so many times before-each time, my life being in a different place. I have wept here, rejoiced here, sat in awe of my Maker here, counted stars in the night sky here, played here, got stuck in the mud here, come here alone, come with ones I love. I have met God here. I could live here and I could die here.
Of all the majestic places in this great land that I have traveled to and seen, my heart is at home here-forever at home here in Grass Valley.


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