Gray, With Patches of Blue

The air is heavy with the fragrance of rain. The sky, mostly gray. Sunbeams shine down through the gray clouds as they slowly drift to the east, and patches of blue barely emerge with only a hint in the morning’s light.

The gray clouds, like the gray, dark times in life can feel heavy, and sometimes not hold beauty like a bright blue sky. However, when given a second look those gray clouds, and the gray times in life, offer a beauty like no other. If we can stop for just a moment and hear our Father’s voice saying, “I have you. This is no surprise to me. You are not alone. Take my hand and I will walk you through.”, then I believe the gray, dark times can be some of the most beautiful seasons in our lives. To know that the One who set the stars in the sky, who created all things, sees our brokenness and He is moved. He may not always change the circumstance to an outcome we desire, but we can rest assured that His design and will are perfect. That He is near. That He loves us. We can rest in knowing He is good and that what this broken world offers us as hurt God will make for our good and His glory.

Rejoice in knowing He is God of the gray and the blue skies. Hold on to the patches of blue in your dark times. They represent hope. Hope that brighter days are on the horizon and ultimately, hope that eternity promises never-ending skies of brilliant blue!

“The Lord is near the brokenhearted, and saves the crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

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